Hiking Without The Nagging Blisters

Blisters are bad news especially for someone who loves to travel and take long hikes.  Don’t get rid of blisters.  Stop them from happening in the first place.  Here’s how to do it.

Wear Snug Footwear

When you wear boots or shoes that are ill-fitting, chances are you’ll create friction on the heel and toe areas.  Buy shoes in stores where staff can assist you with getting the perfectly snug shoe.  Try to fit as many brands and   styles as you can.  As much as possible, don’t buy extra insoles just to make the shoe fit.

Maintain Dry Feet

This is an effortless but surefire strategy of caring for your feet while traveling.  Stop and take a break  for a few minutes if you can. While you are at it, take off your shoes.  The air around you will help lessen moisture and heat on your feet.

Bring Extra Socks

If you are the sweaty type, change into clean socks.  You can do this midway through your activity.  This is especially helpful when hiking is part of that activity.  Be sure to clean your feet before changing into fresh ones.

Wear Airy Shoes

If your activity involves hiking, for the most part, wear shoes that aren’t totally waterproof.  There are shoe designs where the upper portion is made of mesh or airy material.  It will keep your feet drier much faster in case you encounter water along the way. It will also keep sweat out for most of the day.  Wearing airy shoes is especially practical on sunny days.

Bring Anti-blister Aids

There are a lot of anti-blister preparations sold in the market but you really don’t have to buy one.  If you have athletic tape at home, bring it instead.  This is enough to aid you in avoiding blisters and it stays put even on wet skin.  The moment you feel there’s a hot spot developing, take out your tape and apply strips on the area.  Overlap the strips so the spot is fully covered.  While these will stick for long periods, do check them once in a while to ensure they remain in place.

Tape Old Stubborn Spots

It is possible that you’ve had blisters on the same spot every time you walk or hike.  They could have healed already but the slightest friction on this spot could develop into full blown blisters.  It is best to just put athletic tape on these to pre-empt it.

Apply Lubricants

Athletes who run frequently have been doing this for the longest time.  Apply lubricants on spots that are prone to chafing.  These areas include your toes, heels, and inner thighs.  When you apply a good lubricant, you minimize the discomfort that rubbing brings.  There are a variety of over-the-counter lubricants.  Buy those that come in roll-on sticks.  These are handy and non-messy – a must have for a blister-free travel.

A nagging blister isn’t a good companion while traveling.  Try these suggestions and free yourself from blisters.