Practical Gear to Bring While on the Go

Every traveler on the go must pack essential yet practical gear.  Below are suggestions from adventurers and travel gurus.

Synthetic Clothing

Bring clothes made of synthetic fabrics.  They dry much faster and are almost wrinkle-free.  You don’t have to worry about ironing either.

Bring dark colored clothes.  Compared with light-colored clothes, darker ones will look cleaner even after a long day outdoors.

Versatile Footwear

Consider versatility when bringing footwear.  Pairs used for trail running are a good choice.

Travel Hygiene Products

As much as possible, bring non-liquid or non-gel items.  Bring toothpowder instead of toothpaste.  In the meantime, switch to bar soap shampoo  instead of liquid shampoo.  Use antiseptic towelettes and deodorants that come in solid form.

Fast Dry Towels

Bring viscose towels instead of heavy cotton towels.  These towels are made of rayon and are capable of absorbing water that’s 10 times more than its weight.  On top of this, it releases 98 percent of water with minimal twists.

Practical Locks

While airport security officers conduct standard electronic baggage screening, there will be instances when they have to open your luggage for additional security checks.  In this case, use locks that can be opened via universal master codes.  This ensures your locks won’t be cut or damaged.

Ditty Bags

Stay organized by using ditty bags.  These are storage sacks that usually come in different sizes for a range of purposes.  Three ditty bags having different sizes would be very useful. Clothes may be stuffed in large sacks while the medium sacks can serve as storage for snacks for a day’s hike or travel.  The smallest one can store accessories like compasses and tools for first aid.

Although more expensive, a waterproof compression sack will serve as better storage for clothes.

Handy Carabiner Clips

These clips are so versatile yet inexpensive handy companion while traveling. You can use them to clip together almost anything from keys to travel bags.

For security, clip your wallet or keys inside your bag using a carabiner.  If you have water bottles, clip them onto your bag or backpack for easy reach.

For the more adventurous traveler, use carabiners to clip your pocket knife, mini flashlight, and handheld GPS onto your belt loop.

Collapsible Water Bottle

It is difficult to dispute the handiness of collapsible water bottles especially when traveling.  They are perfect camping companions.  Just choose those that are BPA-free and comes with a larger opening for ease of filling.  It’s also better if it can be easily rolled when not in use.

Plastic Zip Bags

Plastic zip bags are one of the cheapest ways of securing documents and passports.  These waterproof bags can also be used to protect your camera.  It is also handy for soiled clothing, wet umbrellas or rain jackets.

These are just a few of the practical travel companions you would want to bring while on the go.  For more insights on practical travel gears and equipment, read the reviews on Travels2go.