Safety Guide for Travelers of the New Millennia

Traveling to different regions and learning new cultures can be a rewarding experience.  Yet, many aren’t serious about how to make each travel safe for everyone.  Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

Go See your Physician

Make sure you are fit to travel.  No matter what your age is, it is always wise to go through routine physical exam before traveling.  Also, educate yourself about the different vaccinations needed when visiting a particular country or region.  Make sure you have taken the required immunizations before making that trip.

Backup your Documents

Create backup copies of documents relevant to your travel.  These include your flight tickets, schedule of the itinerary, passport, visas, and insurance documents.  Of course, you have to email them to yourself for easy access in case the physical documents you are carrying gets lost.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Don’t be too trusting of people unknown to you.  Whether you are new to the place or visiting for the second time, do not disclose personal information to strangers.  When you are offered food and drinks by a stranger, politely refuse them.  Stay with your family or group when on tour.  Do not explore alone with strangers.

Put Belongings in the Right Places

When traveling, never put all your belongings in one case or bag.  Pickpockets abound in some countries.  Most of them can sense if you are a tourist or if you are an easy prey.

No wallets or keys in back pockets. Instead, always put them in front of you.  When seated, don’t leave your bags behind you or even under the table.  Better wound the bag straps around your legs.

When about to leave, always check if you have left something behind.  Most shoppers accidentally leave their shopping bags in restaurants, restrooms, and other public places.

Keep it Subtle

Leave your expensive jewelry in a secure place at home.  Be subtle and wear simple yet presentable clothes when out on a trip.  Wearing expensive jewelry and accessories attract the attention of potential thieves.  Keep your expensive camera close to you and take it out only when it’s time to use it.

Give Up Stuff Not Your Life

In case you are mugged, do not try to save your belongings.  Stay calm.  Hand over the things they are asking for and don’t retaliate.  Your life is more important than your cash and documents.  As soon as they are gone, go to the nearest authority in the area and immediately file a report about what has happened.

Pay Cash for Internet Services

Identity theft is on the rise and internet hubs or cafes are hot sites for potential thieves.  Your credit card info may be at risk of getting into someone’s hands.  Better pay in cash when availing of internet services.

These precautions are not meant to scare you.  Use them to stay safe during a trip.  Traveling is fun and it should always stay that way.