The Light Traveler: What Goes in the Bag

Travel light and you’ll never go wrong. It just takes planning and making smart choices about the stuff you’ll bring with you. Read on and find out how it’s done.

Choose a Small Luggage

Start by choosing luggage that is small yet spacious enough to carry your essentials.

If traveling by car for a day trip, a garment bag is perfect and will also protect clothes from possible spillage. When traveling by air, a weekender bag would be a fine choice. For convenience, choose a bag with built in wheels. This is practical when you have to go on connecting flights.

Bring Clothes that Match

Choose jackets, sweater, shirts, and trousers that have a more or less neutral color so matching tops with bottoms is easy. Remember you want to travel light so choose a set of clothes that are easy to coordinate. The clothes you are packing may be limited but by bringing those that are color and style coordinated, you have in a way, expanded your wardrobe.

On your scheduled trip, wear as many clothes that you can comfortably wear on the plane. This way you free up more space in your luggage. Wearing a cashmere sweater under a jacket is a smart move.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

Choose a pair of shoes designed for walking comfortably. Driving moccasins that are comfortable yet sleek and stylish is perfect for long flights. Shoes should also match the wardrobe you have packed.

Bring along a pair of running shoes if you don’t want to miss out on your fitness goals while on a trip.

Bring Two Sets of Grooming Kit

Five-star hotel rooms are stocked with bath items and hygiene kits but you might still want to bring your own if you wish. This set goes into your luggage.

Bring another travel-size set of basic grooming items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash which you stash in your bag for use during flights.

Bring Basic Electronic Devices

The electronic devices that you ought to bring largely depends on your itinerary and the purpose of your trip, but the basics for a lot of travelers consist of a smartphone, laptop, video camera, headphone, and chargers.

When you bring only the essentials, you are assured of a more stress-free travel because you have less to think of.